On this episode of In Biolog, our guest is Kristin Mallon and we’re talking women’s health and menopause. I’m your host Parker Condit, CEO of Modo Bio.

Kristin is a board-certified nurse, midwife, menopause and feminine longevity expert, breast health expert, published author, and mother of four. She graduated from the University of California–Berkeley with a degree in psychology and completed her bachelor’s degree in nursing at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. After completing her Master’s degree in science and midwifery at NYU, she began practicing as a board-certified nurse midwife in private practice in Brooklyn, New York. In 2022, she co-founded femme devotee, a telemedicine company focused on menopause and feminine longevity providing concierge care for women seeking personalized health care.

This episode focuses on women’s health, in particular the care gaps for women surrounding menopause. We start by looking at the healthcare industry to get a better idea of what the care gaps are and why they exist. Kristin goes into the Women’s Health Initiative and how that study halted hormone replacement therapy and the implications of that about 20 years later.

And then the second half of the episode is more at the individual level talking about metrics for measuring longevity lifestyle factors to improve your health today and for the future. And when women should start taking these proactive steps. For anyone who’s interested in women’s health, menopause, hormone replacement therapy or longevity, this episode will be extremely helpful for you. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Kristin Mallon.



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