Putting health in your hands

Leading the way towards a healthier, more equitable future.

Putting health in your hands

We’re on a mission.

To empower individuals by placing healthcare ownership back in their hands. We firmly believe that providing people with the necessary tools to take control of their well-being will result in healthier lives and significant reduction in healthcare costs. By shifting the focus towards individuals, rather than the existing infrastructure, Modo Bio is leading the way towards a healthier and more equitable future.

What we believe.

Data-Driven Care

We believe great, effective care results from bringing data together from disparate sources and fields of expertise. By bringing these data together in useful ways, we are able to help people make more informed decisions about their health and the health of others.


We believe helping people make better decisions for themselves and giving them more control over their destiny and their data is the best way to get people to be healthy long-term. We enable people to master the practices of good health so that can do it for themselves, forever.

Continuous Monitoring

We believe key to staying healthy is collecting and keeping an eye on your health data continuously. This gives you and your team a fuller picture of your health and the ability to spot early warning signs in keeping you healthy.

Human Expertise & Relationships

We believe the critical decisions about human health and the ability to compel long term action are too nuanced for artificial intelligence. Although we may apply advanced data sciences in our work, we respect and lean on humanity’s expertise and ability to connect.

Access For All

We believe access to great health care is a basic human right and not a privilege reserved for elites or only those that can afford it.

We strive to make the latest, data-driven care accessible to everyone so that we can all be healthier and live better lives.

Connecting Medical and Wellness

We believe connecting the expertise from the medical world with that of the non-medical world is important in assessing someone’s health and offering sound, holistic guidance that keeps people healthy day in and day out, for the long-term.

How Modo Bio Was Born.

To Us, it seemed crazy that wearable device data was being used for little more than counting steps or selling ads.


We thought, “Why don’t we have doctors analyze that data and deliver meaningful and continuous interventions in people’s health?”

We felt that personal trainers, mental health providers, dietitians, and other wellness providers would all want to use that data to support their clients. Also, those providers are typically disconnected and under-utilized resources in the traditional healthcare infrastructure.

The problem with healthcare delivery is multifaceted. It is episodic, sequential, too slow and too expensive. It is paper based, analog and too quick to go to drugs and surgery. It also under-utilizes the information and providers at its disposal. Change the interactions to continuous and the diagnosis can become quicker and more integrated. We  also believed people should be treated as individuals. Not as participants in a demographic study.

The decision to start Modo Bio was reinforced by personal experiences. Like watching family and friends bouncing from traditional to alternative medicine. And driving themselves nuts with late night online self- diagnosis.

We decided to design a platform that allows people to create their own unique environment. Where they can accurately identify a health problem, set a meaningful and achievable goal, and start working towards it.

To do that, everyone would need access to accurate health markers. Also, a variety of health professionals along with a supportive social circle to help them stay motivated. Any information on a problem would then need to be centralized in the hands of each person. Making sure that they are not only the orchestrator of the information but also the beneficiary of its outcome.

With those things in mind, we set off to work. A few years and countless pivots later, Modo Bio was born.

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