Hello. And welcome to the first episode of our new podcast, In Biolog! In this inaugural episode, we’re talking with Martin McPhilimey, a Respiratory and Sleep Scientist, Exercise Physiologist, Coach, Mentor, and founder of Performance Through Health.

Martin’s career spans over 20 years working in the biomedical sector both as a scientist and clinician across various fields including respiratory and sleep science, exercise physiology, nutrition, breathwork, and stress management. He has a wealth of knowledge and we’re excited to chat with him about stress, sleep, and performance.

In this podcast episode, Martin provides insight into his research on sleep, stress, breathing, and exercise and how he incorporates that knowledge into his consulting and mentoring work with busy professionals.   

We’re honored to have Martin as our first guest on In Biolog! It was a pleasure speaking with him about his journey and gaining some insight into different types of stress, how sleep and stress are connected, and how these lifestyle factors fit into the future of public health, schools, and the workplace.

I hope you enjoy this episode and conversation with Martin McPhillemy.

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