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Using Oura Ring to Improve Cardio Workouts

Using Oura Ring To Improve Cardio Workouts

If you’ve added the Oura Ring to the mix to improve your workouts, it’s safe to say that you take your personal health and wellbeing very seriously. The Oura Ring is a sophisticated wearable fitness device that is compatible with a variety of health and wellness apps, including Modo Bio. It’s designed to help you track your workouts, keep yourself accountable and find motivation with the in-depth tracking and activity metrics it provides.

A popular feature you’ll find in the Oura Ring is the Automatic Activity Detection (AAD) feature. With this feature enabled, Oura Ring will be able to instantly detect when you’ve begun a new workout, including knowing (to a high degree of accuracy) which type of workout you’ve started. Once you’ve triggered the AAD feature, you’ll have to confirm the type of activity, its duration and intensity in the corresponding App, which learns as you teach it to automatically confirm such events in the future.

Using Automatic Activity Detection

Oura Ring’s popular AAD feature is designed to detect 40 different activity types. As it learns your habits and methods, it will improve the insights it delivers with each cycle.

According to Oura: AAD also presents you with helpful guidance on how to best incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle based on your movement patterns, recent trends and current activity goal. A unique characteristic of AAD is that the more this feature gets to know you and your movement tendencies, the more personalized your insights become. In this sense, the more activities you confirm over time, the more actionable guidance you’ll receive from Oura.

As you can see, this is a powerful tool that can be used to learn more about your activities, their intensity and duration, so you can maintain, improve and track many types of fitness endeavors.

Improving Cardio Workouts with Oura Ring

Cardio workouts are a staple in the fitness world and have a number of health benefits they offer. According to Cleveland Clinic, these range from improved blood flow, reduced chances of stroke, improved range of motions, healthier and clearer skin, improved cholesterol levels, lowered blood fats, better sleep cycles and even improved sexual function. These are just a few of the many benefits a regular cardio workout has to offer, and Oura Ring can be a great technological companion you can use to improve your overall cardio health.

Know your HRV: The high HRV score usually translates to wellbeing. The Oura Ring helps you monitor your HRV. This helps you better understand what your recovery status is and what your workout readiness is. The daily HRV score can enable you to improve overall cardio wellness.

Activity tracking: How long did your activity last? How many movements or steps did you make? How does this score factor into other workouts of the same intensity? Oura Ring tracks all of this for you and delivers this information. Keep in mind, Oura does not track GPS. But by pairing with a Fitbit, you can get an even clearer picture of your outdoor cardio workouts.

Staying the course: Oura Ring’s activity goal is a cool feature that adjusts every day based on your overall Readiness score. This is an excellent way to know when you’re ready to go or if you need to take it easier on a particular day to avoid overexertion. It’s also a great way to stay on course with your workout without overdoing it in the process.

Making improvements: Using the information you get from your Oura Ring, you can slowly fine-tune your activities and improve them. The detailed analytics and overview delivered in the app is a great start. Pairing Oura with other apps like Apple Health, and using it alongside other wearable devices, like the Fitbit or the Apple Watch 6 can help you take things to the next level.

Go a step further by adding Modo Bio

Recent studies show there are nearly 97,000 health-related apps available for download, meaning there is quite literally something for everyone. Each person has unique needs and fitness goals, and there are apps that can help.

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Health is wealth. Share Modo Bio with your friends and family.


Get our free guides so you can start building an actionable health plan based on YOUR data.