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Dr. Blair N, MD

“This has been a great addition to my practice. My existing patients now have an excellent telehealth option and I can field calls from new patients in addition to my regular visits.”

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Dr. Malcolm G, MD

“Modo Bio is so easy to use. After I set my rate and schedule, I had immediate access to patients. I didn’t have to worry about navigating useless information and could get right to helping people. Honestly can’t believe it’s…

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Dr. Trina P, DO

“This platform has been perfect for my patients! I can help them do a much better job of navigating risk factors and easy access to all the data makes our visits much more efficient and fruitful.”

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Mirabel E

“A great new resource for my practice! I’ve been able to use the wearable data to help anchor new behaviors with some patients in the short time I’ve been using the platform. Plus, it offers me an additional touch point…

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Lindsey D

“Modo Bio has helped me take more of my practice to an online therapy model while simultaneously bringing in new clients. I trust their platform for my virtual visits and appreciate being able to reference my client’s health history and…

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Tristan W

“I love that social support and the importance of having a team are concepts that are built right into the Modo Bio app. I’m honestly more confident and optimistic with my patients between sessions now knowing they have people who…

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