How Personal Nutrition Apps Have Upped the Ante for Goal Monitoring

Personal nutrition apps are proven tools for successful goal monitoring, with 88% of users seeing weight loss after a week of logging their food intake. Study after study shows the benefits of using accountability tools for tracking progress, and nutrition apps fit this category perfectly. With these apps, users can document their daily diets as well as record water intake, weight fluctuations, activity, and more.

There are a wide variety of android and iPhone nutrition app options on the market, and all use their own unique form of nutrition software for personal trainers and end users. But here’s something they have in common: These apps have upped the ante for goal monitoring.

Wondering why? Read on to learn more.

Nutrition Apps Are Widely Available

Perhaps the most impactful aspect of personal nutrition apps is their wide availability. If you have a smartphone, you have access to thousands of nutrition apps in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. A large majority are free, and there are plenty of low-cost apps as well. How does this up the ante for goal monitoring? It’s now far easier than it used to be. The wellness enthusiasts of yesteryear didn’t have as many low-cost and easily accessible tools available for measuring success.

Nutrition science is relatively new, so only those who were in athletic competition and/or could afford a personal dietician were able to meticulously track their progress. Developments in both technology and food studies have led to a world where anyone with a smartphone can monitor their goals. 

They're Easy to Use

Beyond the availability of apps for personal nutrition, the ease of use is particularly notable. What good is it to have a tool if it’s too difficult to incorporate into your routine? The beauty of nutrition apps is they’re designed with the end users in mind, so they’re easy to navigate from the moment you get started.

Many of these apps have clean, minimalistic interfaces so you can quickly enter your food intake information without being bogged down by pop-ups or clutter. As a result, users are more likely to stay consistent with logging their food every day. This impacts goal monitoring by eliminating excuses. If you have any health or fitness ambitions, there’s no reason not to be using a personal nutrition app.

Diet Tracking Apps Are Motivating

Motivation is a key player while making strides toward a goal. It’s motivation that galvanizes you to set the goal in the first place, and days where you feel the spark again are encouraging. For many people, that motivation comes from the knowledge they’ve made progress and want to keep going—and there lies the benefit of personal nutrition apps.

Users of these nutrition tracking apps can see how many days they’ve logged their food and how they’ve learned to make more well-rounded food choices over time. When you look back on your usage, you’ll clearly see your progress. Your brain releases dopamine when you complete small goals like successfully tracking your nutrition for a certain number of days in a row, and you’ll naturally want to keep going.

They Provide Nutritional Education

Knowledge is power. Knowing that, it’s safe to say knowledge about your nutrition is power to use its benefits to your advantage. Personal nutrition apps for iPhone and Android users often offer massive libraries of food so you can simply plug in your intake and see a detailed breakdown of the macro- and micronutrients in your diet.

You’ll also be able to enter in custom foods, such as recipes you made at home. When you see your nutritional intake clearly, you can better understand how it’s helping or hindering your wellness goals. Then, you can make the right adjustments to get on track. These apps help you not only determine your goals but monitor them as well.

They Use Applied Science

Significant progress in dietetics and food studies have led to a better understanding of nutrition and how it affects the human body. “Good nutrition” is slightly different for every person, but more people today have an idea of how they should be fueling their bodies in order to feel their best.

However, it can be challenging to navigate a huge grocery store, dodge clever marketing tactics, and choose foods that help you reach your goals. That’s where personal nutrition apps come into play. More people understand the importance of good nutrition, but they don’t know where to start. The apps have upped the ante for goal monitoring by helping users establish clear-cut plans.

Users Benefit from Data Visualization

When you’re in the day-to-day of making progress toward your goals, you might not realize you’re making lasting changes. But looking back on where you started is a helpful reminder and an effective motivator. Food and nutrition apps can provide this tracking ability, really upping the ante for goal monitoring because you can see the tangible results of your efforts. Whether you’re looking to hit your targets for calories, macronutrients, water intake, or others, these apps show you your success over time.

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These Wellness Apps Are Immensely Popular – Here’s Why

The term “wellness” dates back thousands of years, but it is seemingly a recent trend that has entered the mainstream. From staying fit and eating well to meditating and self-reflecting, it’s never been more popular to focus on our individual wellbeing. It’s also never been easier, thanks to huge advancements in consumer technology. A wide variety of mobile apps are available to help you reach your goals and build healthy habits, and some are immensely popular.

Curious yet? These are just some of the best wellness apps for smartphones on the market.


Anxiety and unrest are completely normal feelings, especially during times of uncertainty like we’ve experienced over the past year. For some, managing these conditions is a familiar process, while others need guidance or new ways to cope. Enter the Calm app.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, Calm helps you meditate anywhere at any time. The award-winning iPhone and Android wellness app has over 100 million downloads and 700,000+ five-star reviews, so it’s clearly a crowd favorite. There are hundreds of calming exercises to choose from, plus breathing routines and celebrity-narrated sleep stories.


It’s common knowledge that exercise has incredible benefits for the body and mind. Strengthened bones and muscles, reduced risk of heart problems, and improved self-esteem and mood are just some of the merits of regular exercise. But even though we want to reap the rewards, we might not know how to get there.

This is why Aaptiv offers thousands of workouts across multiple categories for you to do anywhere. An additional feature called Aaptiv Coach creates a personalized workout plan based on your preferences, and professional coaches will walk you through every workout. For accountability, you can even join a team and participate in team challenges. It’s like having a personal trainer right in your smartphone.

Tone It Up Studio

There are tens of thousands of exercise apps in the Google Play store and App Store, so it’s no wonder why people new to fitness can be easily overwhelmed by the options. Even if you find a top rated app like Aaptiv, the audio-based workouts might leave you confused. Tone It Up Studio recognizes the importance of being able to visually follow along and has a library of video workouts on its app.

Launched in 2009 by Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, the Tone It Up brand started as an alternative to the harsh world of fitness and now caters to women with its workout plans, nutrition products, and TIU community. If you’re looking for an exercise app made by women, for women, Tone It Up Studio may be your top choice.

My Water Balance

Staying hydrated is a crucial aspect of wellness, as your body needs water to convert food to energy, prevent infections, regulate body temperature, and more. But with today’s on-the-go lifestyle, it’s easy to lose track of how much water you drink throughout the day. You could certainly log your intake with a notes app on your phone, but why not use an app instead?

The fun, user-friendly My Water Balance is a favorite amongst smartphone users because it offers an engaging interface and plenty of features that promote hydration. Notably, the app uses push notifications to keep you on track with your intake, and it adjusts your hydration goals according to other beverages (coffee, tea, wine, etc.) that you log. 


As the saying goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” This essentially means that you’ll never know if you’re successful unless your version of “success” is clearly defined and then used as a goalpost for your progress. The concept is popular in the fitness community, where thousands of users have downloaded wellness apps that help them track their gains.

Among the top-rated apps is MyFitnessPal, which lets users track their food intake, plus activity, weight and other key metrics. Its free version is one of the best free health and wellness apps, but naturally its premium version has even more features. MyFitnessPal Premium gives you a macronutrient breakdown and useful customizations to best help you reach your goals. 

Nike Run Club

Running is one of the best exercises for cardiovascular health and overall endurance, which is why it’s enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Therefore, it’s no surprise to learn that there are plenty of running apps on the market that offer motivation, pacing assistance, and other features to get you pounding the pavement. One of the best is Nike Run Club, created by the iconic fitness brand.

The app’s main selling point is its vast library of guided runs, voiced by professional coaches, that tell you when to speed up and when to rest. You’ll also get pep talks and helpful information about topics like the importance of hydration. If your goal is to get stronger and faster in your running journey, Nike Run Club is a top tier wellness app.

Sleep Cycle

Rest and recovery are just as important to wellness as exercise and nutrition, even if they aren’t given the same amount of attention. Sleep in particular gives your body an opportunity to rejuvenate itself and keep all of your biological processes working smoothly. Therefore, people have started paying more attention to their sleep in an effort to optimize their wellness. The

Sleep Cycle app is a popular method because it provides insights into your sleep, so you can fine tune your habits for better health. While you sleep, the app records audio and then presents your unique data analysis and graphs when you wake up. You’ll see your sleep cycle stages, and sleep patterns will emerge over time. These are the metrics you need if you want to improve your sleep and restore your body better.


Home workouts have grown increasingly popular over the years and were supercharged by the pandemic, but plenty of people still want to get their sweat on in a physical space. If you’re someone who wants to go somewhere to exercise but isn’t quite satisfied by a standard gym, Classpass is your ticket to options.

The Classpass app connects its members to a global network of thousands of boutique fitness studios, so users can enjoy a wide variety of workouts. Studios that feature spin, barre, pilates, dance, yoga, and other classes are easily accessible with Classpass. Simply use the app to schedule a class that works best with your schedule and be sure to show up on time. It’s a great way to try out several different types of exercise and find your favorites you’ll stick with consistently. 

Harness the Power of Your Biodata

Modo Bio connects with personal fitness, nutrition, health and wellness apps that you love and use daily to help users leverage the benefits of the biodata provided by these devices to improve personal health and wellness. 

What If Personal Medical Records Apps All Communicated?


During the global COVID-19 pandemic, avid gym goers and casual exercise hobbyists alike turned to virtual methods for their sweat sessions. Some sought out do-it-anywhere workout programs or fitness videos, but many searched for personal training apps that would give them the benefits of a trainer without leaving the house. As users (and personal trainers) learned, technology and training go hand in hand and are mutually beneficial for those using both on their fitness journeys as these recent statistics on wearables demonstrates. The result: Fitness app revenue has quadrupled in just three years.

But what exactly about these apps is so attractive to users? The research is in, and it shows the best apps for personal trainers are changing the fitness game.

The Rise of Heath & Fitness Apps

“Wellness,” which encompasses both physical and mental health, is nothing new. It has ancient roots dating back thousands of years but only somewhat recently became a mainstream concept, thanks to a network of medical professionals and intellectuals. And since the fitness explosion of the 1980s, this modern idea of health has taken center stage and changed the course of consumer demand.

Today, demand for products and services such as health and fitness apps that enable a healthy lifestyle is skyrocketing, and technology plays a major role. Mobile tech has revolutionized how people plan, execute, and track progress in their fitness journeys. More than 80% of Americans own a smartphone and 21% wear a fitness tracker like an Apple Watch or Fitbit device, so it’s no surprise that health and fitness apps are so popular. They can help users build healthy habits through regular exercise, meditation, diet tracking and so much more. These apps are also incredibly easy to work into a daily routine, so they’re here for the long haul. Even in a post-COVID world, expect health and fitness apps to be widely used.

Users Prefer Convenience & Accessibility

Perhaps the main reason why health and fitness apps spread like wildfire is their convenience and accessibility. People have their mobile phones on them at all times, so they can use these apps virtually anywhere at any time. They never have to remember an extra notebook for tracking food or fitness equipment for a scheduled workout—they can simply open up their personal training apps whenever there is a convenient moment. Additionally, these apps are accessible to anyone with a smartphone and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

What’s more, the best apps for personal trainers sync with wearable fitness trackers to provide more granular and personalized data. Users can take a deeper dive into their fitness journeys by analyzing things like their sleep, heart rate and step count throughout the day. Their apps act as data hubs for every aspect of their health.

The Best Apps Are Easy to Use

It’s not enough for the idea of health-focused apps to be convenient and accessible. They have to walk the walk by being easy to use as well. The best apps for personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts are simple to navigate and intuitive, making them a seamless addition to one’s daily routine.

For example, an effective way to test an app’s ease of use is through its signup process. Many personal training apps ask users to create a profile with general information like height, weight, age and relevant fitness goals. If the onboarding is streamlined and fairly quick, there’s a good chance the app itself will be easy to use.

Affordability Is Key

Another factor that makes personal training apps attractive to users: They’re affordable. Many of these apps are free to download in the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the type of smartphone you’re using, with in-app purchases available. Others are paid apps but have a low entry fee of $10 or less. This means fitness apps are a low-cost and, therefore, low-risk investment into your health.

Compare the cost of a personal training app to the cost of an in-person personal trainer. The average rate for personal trainers is $40-70 per hour-long session, which totals at least $2000 per year to train once a week. In contrast, the best apps for personal trainers cost less than $20 a month, and users can access them as often as needed.

Apps Encourage Healthy Habits

One of the best features of personal training apps is the motivation they provide. For example, many popular nutrition tracking apps reward users for things like login streaks and meeting fitness goals, and some have online communities where users can interact and cheer each other on. Whether users receive special in-app badges or images to share on social media, the sense of accomplishment that fitness apps can provide is likely to keep users on the path to building healthy habits.

Therefore, it may come as no surprise that 93% of doctors agree wellness apps can improve overall health. Professionals refer to “vicarious learning,” or learning a new behavior in response to seeing someone else’s actions, as a key trait of fitness app communities. By seeing the success around them, users are encouraged to continue along their fitness journeys.

Personal Training Apps Offer Something for Everyone

Recent studies show there are nearly 97,000 health-related apps available for download, meaning there is quite literally something for everyone. Each person has unique needs and fitness goals, and there are apps that can help.

The best personal training apps combine exercise and nutrition, empowering clients to take control of their own fitness goals and track their progress over time. They also allow trainers to offer full-service, low-maintenance packages to clients and stay ahead of the competition. There’s no wonder why these apps are changing the fitness landscape.

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