The Most Popular Pregnancy Smartphone Apps That Women Are Using Today

When you’re expecting, nine months can feel like an eternity. Everything changes from the moment you learn you’re pregnant, and there is suddenly so much to keep track of—remedies for morning sickness, prenatal vitamin schedules, doctor’s visits, and more. That’s why moms-to-be turn to pregnancy apps that can help them track their journeys. Whether you’re looking for a social media style app that connects you with other expecting mothers or one that tracks your growing baby’s size, there’s an app for that.     

Many aspects of pregnancy can feel overwhelming. But staying informed shouldn’t have to be one of them. The best pregnancy apps can keep you up-to-date, organized and confident every step of the way. These are the most popular options.


For the highly visual expecting mothers, Sprout Pregnancy is a must. This maternity app is known for its highly compelling 3D imaging that shows your baby in the womb from every angle. The video renderings rival medical imaging, and nothing beats getting to access those images whenever you want.

Sprout also includes an in-depth pregnancy timeline, an interactive checklist, and informative resources for further education, all standard pregnancy app features. It also provides information on recommended screening tests and lets you create a birth plan. The app costs $7.99 and doesn’t have a social media component, but the other features make it a top choice for thousands of moms.

Fuller Term

Contractions are a key part of late pregnancy, so having insight into your contraction timing can help you predict when you’re going into labor and navigate it smoothly. That’s why Fuller Term makes contraction tracking easy. Simply tap the main button at the beginning and end of each contraction, and the app will do the rest.

Full Term monitors times, durations, and frequency so you stay informed throughout labor. The app also features a kick counter and a weight tracker, and there is a pregnancy reference section with more information and resources. It’s designed for ease of use with a minimal interface, and it’s free to download with in-app purchases available.


The gold standard of iPhone and Android pregnancy apps, Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is completely customizable with a robust set of features. You can count down to the big day with a personalized timeline designed with your pregnancy goals and health data in mind, and you can track your progress with a variety of graphs.

Ovia, like Sprout, also offers 3D imaging of your baby (plus current illustrations of your baby’s hand and foot size) and in-depth information about fetal development. Additionally, you can also connect with other expecting mothers, celebrate pregnancy milestones and you can also browse more than 2,000 articles all within the app. 


For many expecting mothers, maintaining a fitness routine during pregnancy is a top priority. Exercise has many benefits for physical and mental health, but experts advise making some adjustments to accommodate your changing body. That’s why thousands have consulted Baby2Body, the maternity app that acts as your wellness coach during and after your pregnancy.

The app features workouts for every stage of pregnancy—including breathing and pelvic floor strengthening exercises—as well as coaching, relevant podcasts, nutrition guidance, and recipes. This makes Baby2Body one of the best pregnancy food apps, helping you to eat and live well during this exciting stage.

Glow Nurture

The Glow network is a collection of iPhone and Android apps “for periods to parenting,” and its Glow Nurture app is its pregnancy edition. Glow Nurture is a simple, yet fully customizable app powered by data and designed to keep you organized and informed.

Get daily updates about your developing baby, use the app’s log to track your pregnancy, and receive personalized health insights based on your biodata. Like other pregnancy apps, Glow Nurture has a whole library of helpful articles, but a feature that sets it apart is its postpartum and miscarriage support. 

Hello Belly

It’s no secret that pregnancy comes with a full spectrum of emotions, but the mood swings don’t have to be overwhelming. Hello Belly is a game-changing app that recognizes mental health is just as important as physical health, and it caters to expecting mothers.

It provides meditation practices and yoga flows to help maintain inner tranquility, and you get further peace of mind with the app’s augmented reality-powered visualization tools that show your baby in the womb. Hello Belly is free to download, and its streamlined design and artwork make it a top rated pregnancy app.

Baby Bump

Even when you’re seeing a doctor regularly throughout your pregnancy, those updates never feel like enough. Pregnancy apps like Baby Bump, however, can give you the daily insights you’re looking for. Once you enter in your due date, the app shows how far along you are and what your baby looks like at every stage.

You’ll get size updates and see how big your baby is compared to fruit, and the app provides week-by-week tips for what to do to support your growing baby. For expecting mothers who want to stick to the basics and take pregnancy a week at a time, Baby Bump is an uncomplicated, useful option.

Pregnancy App

Not every expecting mother needs all the bells and whistles of the top pregnancy apps. Sometimes simple is better, and Pregnancy App by Amila is just what you’re looking for. The app features a week-by-week tracker of your baby’s size and activity, plus the changes to expect in your body.

You’ll find a kick counter, due date countdown, weight tracker, and plenty of tips to navigate each stage of your pregnancy. Additionally, the app includes a notes section so you can log your own observations and share them with your medical team and family for a more in-depth look into your unique pregnancy journey.

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