Why More People Are Relying on Fitbit for Selfcare

Fitbit is a wildly popular wearable personal fitness and wellness device that’s become more advanced as newer models have launched over the years. Today’s Fitbit offers a gambit of features and functions, including options for tracking activity and workouts, diet, hydration goals, sleep tracking and more.

With this many features, and options to take things even further when you sync your Fitbit to new options like Modo Bio – it’s unsurprising why more people are relying on Fitbit for self care… even if the Apple Watch 6 is a tempting upgrade. 

The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (NCBI) published a recent study regarding Fitbit and self care, the results were in favor of, concluding: “Activity data from wearable devices may be a resource for self-care.”

The underlying study followed 27 Fitbit users who relied on the device for heart rate, sleep and daily step count tracking. The study did suggest that users would be better served having their data reviewed by a healthcare professional, but also demonstrated that it was efficacious, too: By showing how patients experience self-tracking data across dimensions of knowing, feeling, and evaluating, we point toward the richness and complexity of these data experiences in the context of chronic illness and self-care.”

Using Fitbit as Part of Your Self Care Routine

New research suggests that as many as 74% of patients are using wearable devices like Fitbit to help improve their personal wellness and self care routine. One of the key reasons to use a Fitbit is the incredible amount of Biodata it tracks and delivers to you, which you can use to track, monitor and improve your self care routine. 

What follows are some highly effective measures you can put into place to start getting more out of your Fitbit.

Getting Your Core Workouts In

One of the primary functions of the Fitbit is to track your physical exercise and activities, so you can maintain and improve your overall wellbeing. Whether you’re using a personal trainer, going solo at your own home gym or attending group workouts, Fitbit will track and monitor this Biodata, helping you better realize results from your efforts by honing your routine, while simultaneously encouraging you to keep at it.

Stop Putting Off That Doctor Appointment

You may not be aware of it, but the Fitbit Alta, Alta HR, Charge 2 and Blaze models all feature calendar notifications (all you have to do is turn them on). That means there are no more excuses you can make for missing that dental checkup, doctor appointment or mental health follow-up. Once you’ve set your calendar dates, your device will vibrate at the time and date you’ve set to help you maintain your self care regimen.

Medication/Supplement Reminder

With good health comes consistency. That means knowing when to take your vitamins, health supplements or prescriptions on time. With how busy our lives get, it can be easy to overlook a dosing schedule when on the go. Instead, set silent alarms on your device, most Fitbit devices allow you to set up to eight of them so you never miss an important dose.

H20 Intake

Water is the very essence of life and a healthy body. What’s more, studies find that people who drink three or more extra glasses of water per day eat less, absorb fewer calories and more easily process sodium, fats and sugars. Fitbit lets you conquer this by easily setting a hydration goal in the device and on your app. This way you know when it’s time to tip a cold glass back and rehydrate your body.

Balancing Sitting & Standing

Some studies have concluded that sitting is nearly as bad for you as smoking, no, really, it’s true. Those who sit for prolonged periods of time are at higher risk of contracting a myriad of deadly diseases. But fear not, your trusty Fitbit is here to help. The Fitbit Flex 2, Alta, Alta HR, Charge 2 and Blaze all have reminders that can be set to ensure that you take 250 steps or more every hour. The trackers will provide subtle reminders – in the form of a buzz – if you have not gotten your steps in every hour on the hour.

Mastering Your Breathing

Breathing – it not only helps you live by supplying it with crucial amounts of oxygen, but it’s also one of the greatest stress management tools your body has to offer. The Blaze or Charge 2 Fitbits are here to help you manage your breathing with different options for relaxing, deep-breathing sessions via the Relax experience. Alternatively, you can always set silent alarms on your device and in-app to make sure you set aside time for these breathing exercises every day.

Making the Most of Sleep Cycles

Sleeping is critical to your core functionality, longevity, mental and physical wellness. As the year fluctuates, so do our sleeping patterns in an anomaly calledSeasonal Circadian Rhythm.” Many of the newer Fitbit models feature a sleep schedule tracker that can help you tap into your best night’s sleep with convenient bedtime reminders and sleep recommendations that enable you to tackle the next day with more energy.

Improving Your Diet

One of the simplest methods you can use to improve your diet is by tracking your intake of foods. Fitbit helps you with this important element of self care with the food logging feature. Simply log your caloric intake after each meal to get an eagle’s eye view of what you’re doing right and areas you can improve to fine-tune your nutrition and maximize your results.

Connect Your FitBit to Modo Bio!

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