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Should You Combine Oura Ring and Apple Watch for Fitness?

Should You Combine Oura Ring And Apple Watch For Fitness?

There are so many different options that you have for tracking your workouts, daily activities, sleep and diet these days, that the options are impressive. If you’re an iOS fan, then you’ve likely already done your homework on the new Apple Series 7 watch, and you probably already are using a late model iPhone to connect it to. But one thing you may not have considered is pairing your Apple watch with another popular device: the Oura Ring. 

Here’s why more people are doing just that.

The Oura ring is a popular activity and sleep tracker that has made waves in recent years, edging its way to viral popularity among smart device fitness enthusiasts. It is stylish, durable, and reliable, using infrared sensors to communicate to a corresponding app. The ring looks nearly like any other, and most people wouldn’t guess that it’s a smart device when seeing it on a finger. It can be taken for a swim, worn at the gym, in the shower and so forth.

Benefits of Using Oura Ring

The Oura ring is available in Heritage with different styling options determined by the end user (a popular one is the grey matte finish). The company has recently announced Oura Ring 3.0 which offers a host of new and improved tracking measures, including HR and blood oxygen as well.

Before you can get your Oura ring, the company will send you a sizing kit. These include various plastic rings that you wear to determine which size is the best for your preference. Oura actually does advise that new users test these plastic rings for at least a day to be certain the sizing is proper. Once you’ve determined the correct size, your ring is shipped out.

The ring features infrared sensors that measure and report things like your heart rate, respiration rate and body temperature to the corresponding Oura app. A built in accelerometer can track your movement during sleep, and can even identify different stages of sleep you’ve had, including light, deep and REM.

Oura also tracks things like steps, walking distance, calories you’ve burned and more. It helps you better understand your own health and fitness goals using a three stage system that rates them based on: Activity, Readiness and Sleep. These different stages and your personal model are presented in various charts, which include trends and more.

Combining Oura Ring with Apple Watch

You can combine Oura Ring and Apple Watch for fitness, and there are a few ways that both can benefit your regiment. The Oura Ring 3.0 does feature daytime HR tracking, but may not be ideal for activities such as golfing, cycling, weight lifting and or anything where the ring itself becomes a burden to wear during the activity. Under these circumstances, the Apple watch makes sense to add, so you can get a clearer picture of your daily numbers. On the other side of the coin is the fact that most people don’t use the Apple Watch to track sleep because the battery life isn’t good enough to wear all day and night. Combining the two can give you a more usable, 360-degree solution.

Apple takes things to the next level, and like the Oura ring, offers blood oxygen level tracking and a heart rate monitor, with added features like a bedtime reminder, wake up reminder and more, but it doesn’t monitor your sleep cycles. Instead, you can use the in-depth information you gather from your Oura ring to have a deeper understanding of your sleep cycles, helping you improve your rest and physical health over time.

The watch’s built-in heart rate monitor comes in handy as well because the Oura ring only reads out on an app, which isn’t ideal when you’re in the middle of a cardio workout. Additionally, the Apple Watch allows you to take an ECG and tracks this information in the Health app in real time. Another thing to consider is that the Apple Watch can gently buzz you with added benefits of detailed displays, readouts and more vivid reminders that help you stay the course with your workouts.

Oura & Apple Health Sync

Another benefit to using Oura Ring and Apple Watch for fitness is that both of these devices are able to sync and share data in Apple Health.

According to Oura, the following data is shared when synced to Apple Health:

  • Sleep Analysis – this includes both in bed and asleep times.
  • The calories you’ve burned by walking, training, or doing other activities (activity burn), excluding your BMR.
  •  Average respiratory rate from the night
  •  Average nighttime resting heart rate
  • Presence sessions from Moment
  • Weight
  • Height

Imported From Apple Health to Oura

Oura also says that these following features can be imported from Apple Health to Oura:

  • Workouts (Steps & Walking + Running Distance cannot be imported into Oura)
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Calories

Sync Oura & Apple to Modo Bio

Modo Bio and the Apple 6 watch combine to help you make the most of your health and fitness goals. We connect you, your wearable data, a dedicated health team and those you love on one platform… all so you can work together, set goals and achieve your best health yet.

Modo Bio also syncs with Oura Ring to help you improve your entire sleep regiment. Connect with providers on our platform to use the biodata from Oura Ring to learn how you can:

  • Improve sleep hygiene
  • Better maintain a consistent bedtime
  • Set a bedtime alarm
  • Better maintain a consistent wake time
  • Get more morning sunlight
  • Improve your daily exercise routine
  • Get more steps into your day
  • Create daily goals
  • Manage your sleep journal
  • Stick to your goals with strong social connections

Modo Bio connects you, your wearable device and a dedicated health team on one platform. Our providers help you use your data to accomplish your goals and your friends and family keep you motivated.

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