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Better Results For Your Clients

Gain insights into your client's lifestyle patterns with objective data about sleep, steps, stress, and recovery.

Better Results For Your Clients

Gain insights into your client's lifestyle patterns with objective data about sleep, steps, stress, and recovery.

Join the Modo Bio Provider Network

Objective Accountability

Better monitor your client's lifestyle factors like sleep, daily activity, recovery, and stress.

Your clients can sync their wearable device and share that data with you by adding you to their team.

Get New Clients

  • In-person clients.

  • Remote clients via our in-app Telehealth function.

  • Set your own hours.

  • Set your own rates

Free For You

There is no cost to you as a provider - simply a powerful tool to help you better serve your clients.

How Modo Bio Works


Become Part of a Team

With Modo Bio, it's not just you and your client. We encourage our members to invite their friends, family, and other health providers to be part of their Team.


Expertise & Guidance

Providers like you know what needs to be done and what behaviors need to change to get your client's to reach their goals.


Support, Accountability, and Motivation

Friends and family provide additional support and accountability around the changes you and the other health providers are prescribing.


Continuous and Centralized Data

Shared wearable data provides a faster feedback loop and acts as an anchor of accountability for your client.


Reach Goals Faster

All of this allows your clients to reach their goals faster with a true team approach.

Here's what other mental health providers are saying:

“A great new resource for my practice! I’ve been able to use the wearable data to help anchor new behaviors with some patients in the short time I’ve been using the platform. Plus, it offers me an additional touch point between sessions with my patients.”

Mirabel E, Jacksonville, FL

“Modo Bio has helped me take more of my practice to an online therapy model while simultaneously bringing in new clients. I trust their platform for my virtual visits and appreciate being able to reference my client’s health history and lifestyle factors. This has been a fantastic resource for me and my clients.”

Lindsey D, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I love that social support and the importance of having a team are concepts that are built right into the Modo Bio app. I’m honestly more confident and optimistic with my patients between sessions now knowing they have people who care for them that are checking in on their daily habits and behaviors.”

Tristan W, Tampa Bay, FL

Improve your client's results

We know a big part of your purpose is helping clients make long-term, sustainable changes to their mindset and lifestyle. We want to help you with additional tools and resources to fulfill that purpose.

For too long it's been impossible or cumbersome to continuously monitor your client's lifestyle factors because sharing that data either wasn't possible, involved sending screenshots, or physically looking through your client's phone.

Now your client simply needs to add you to their Team and grant you access to view their dashboard. It's that easy and you can leverage their wearable data for better results.

Objective Data

Objective data about lifestyle factors like sleep, steps, calories, recovery, stress and more.

Faster Feedback Loop

Continuous monitoring of lifestyle factors provides earlier insights to help you understand how well (or not) your prescribed plan is working.

Accountability/Better Compliance

How much better would your client's behavior be between sessions if you had a reliable way of holding them accountable?

Built With Mental Health Professionals in Mind

Free For you

Free tool for you to provide better service and differentiate yourself from the competition. Placing the impetus for payment on your client also increases their level of ownership over their health and wellness.

Fill Up Your Schedule with Virtual Visits

If you have gaps in your schedule, add your availability for virtual visits and we can help keep your calendar full.

Transparent Pricing

Set your rate for virtual visits. The only fee we take is the CC transaction fee. Everything else is passed on to you.

Common Questions

  • As a provider there is no cost to you. We created a powerful set of tools to help trainers like you provide the best service possible to your clients.
    For your current clients to become a Modo Bio member, it’s $9.99 per month or $97.99 for an annual subscription.

    1. Fill out the preliminary information at the bottom of this page.
    2. Receive a link via email to a full application to gather information about your licenses, experience, education, specialties, and learn more about you as a provider.
    3. Live video interview with a member of the Modo Bio leadership team. This is as much an opportunity for you to ask questions and get to know us as it is the other way around. It needs to be a good fit for both sides.
    4. Assuming approval at Steps 2 and 3, you will officially become a Modo Bio Provider! You will receive an email to schedule a time to go through live training of the app, web-based provider portal, and ask any follow up questions prior to going live as a provider.

  • No problem, you don’t even need to apply to the Provider Network. Any of your existing clients with a paid Modo Bio subscription can add you to their team via email for free. You will be able to access whatever aspects of their data they decide to share with you via our mobile App.

    The primary benefits of joining the Provider Network are:

    1. Get new clients via telehealth.
    2. Get new clients in-person.
    3. View richer data sets though our desktop-based Provider Portal. Your client still has the control over what gets shared with you, but the desktop view allows for more data to be displayed than on the mobile App.

  • Yes, for all Telehealth virtual visits, bookings and payments are run through Modo Bio. However, for in-person referrals you can use your current booking and payment methods.

  • You get paid your full rate minus the standard credit card processing fee. There are no listing fees, marketing fees, lead fees, or any other hidden fees.

  • One of the Co-Founders was a personal trainer for many years. Much of this App and platform are built with the mindset of how to best help providers like you help their clients. We also think the financial responsibility of having access to the App should fall on the member (or client) to reinforce the concept of “investing in one’s health”.

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Health is wealth. Share Modo Bio with your friends and family.


Get our free guides so you can start building an actionable health plan based on YOUR data.

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Health is wealth. Share Modo Bio with your friends and family.


Get our free guides so you can start building an actionable health plan based on YOUR data.