Remote Patient Monitoring

Improve patient outcomes with proactive care and increase practice revenue.

remote patient monitoring

How RPM Can Enhance Your Practice

Proactive and Preventative Care

Practice the way you want to. RPM is a reimbursable solution that allows you to be proactive and remotely monitor the health of your patients with chronic conditions.

Improve Patient Outcomes

RPM provides curated and continuous data which allows for better clinical decision making, faster interventions, and a higher level of patient engagement.

Reimbursable Program

Medicare reimburses approximately $105 per patient per month for eligible programs, making RPM a clear win-win for patients and providers.

Benefits to RPM with Modo Bio


No Upfront Cost

Get your RPM program off the ground quickly with no upfront costs. Our low, fixed per-patient monthly fee keeps your expenses predictable and makes it easy for your practice to get started.


Web Platform and Mobile Application

Providers: RPM through Modo Bio is accessed through a web-based platform built specifically for providers so they can access their patient’s data anytime, anywhere.

Patients: Their data, device, and team are managed through a mobile application which is optimized for compliance to ensure they are actively engaged.


Team: Leverage Existing Support Network

Your patients can not only share their data with you and the rest of their care team, but they can also add friends and family to their Team for additional support, accountability, and motivation.


Data Management

Providers don’t want more data; they want actionable data. Collated data, along with the raw data helps providers and care managers make decisions faster and creates a more efficient workflow.

Here’s what other doctors are saying:

This platform has been perfect for my patients! I can help them do a much better job of navigating risk factors and easy access to all the data makes our visits much more efficient and fruitful.
Dr. Tina P.



We know you’d prefer to focus your time, attention and effort on caring for your patients. You also see your patients as individuals and prefer to tailor your evidence-based advice to their needs. With Modo Bio, you’ll engage in the practice of preventative health in the ways best suited for you and your patient to thrive.


  • New revenue source
  • Reduced hospital admissions
  • Single vendor for Fee-For-Service & Risk-Based Contracts


  • Continuous and curated data for patients with chronic conditions
  • Improved quality of care
  • Stronger relationship with patients


  • Improved care and coordination from providers
  • More active participants in their healthcare
  • Improved accountability with friends and family

A better path to good health.

On our platform, patients have access to their health data and are empowered to create a health team to help realize their goals. The team can include doctors like you, personal trainers, nutritionists, and mental health providers. While their friends and family help them stay motivated. This means your patients will always have the expertise and support they need to reach their goals.

Questions? We have answers.

What are the benefits to RPM?
  • Improved health outcomes
  • More engaged patients
  • Better day-to-day visibility of patient conditions
  • Strong doctor-patient relationship
  • Reduced hospital admissions and re-admissions
  • Reimbursable, proactive care
  • Faster clinical decision making
Who can provide RPM services?
RPM services can be ordered by physicians and other qualified healthcare professionals (QHCPs).

Clinical staff can deliver and furnish RPM services under general supervision of the billing provider.

What devices will my patients use?
Currently we integrate with Omrom for blood pressure monitoring. FreeStyle Libre and Dexcom are the current device integrations for continuous glucose monitoring.
How much are RPM Reimbursements?
The average reimbursements for the four primary CTP Remote Patient Monitoring Codes:

99453: Initial setup and patient education for the use of monitoring equipment.
$19 (one-time)

99454: Supply of device and daily recordings and transmission of data from the patient device.
$56 (monthly)

99457: Treatment management services requiring interactive communication with the patient/caregiver during the month. First 20 minutes per month
$50 (monthly)

99458: Treatment management services requiring interactive communication with the patient/caregiver during the month. Each additional 20 minutes per month.
$41 (monthly)

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