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Improve patient outcomes with no cost to your practice.

Help your patients take control of their health with actionable, relevant health data.

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A Clearer Image of Your Patient

Get direct access to patient lifestyle metrics like sleep, activity and resting heart rate via their wearable device. And help them use that information to make improvements.

Empower Your Patients

Modo Bio allows patients to centralize their health records in the palm of their hand, and share them with their team as needed.

Free For You

Our platform is free for you to use. You set your own rates and schedule and connect with patients in person or remotely.


How Modo Bio Works


Team Focus

With Modo Bio, it’s not just you and your patient. Our members also invite their friends and family to help them stay motivated. Along with other health and wellness providers to help them reach their goals. Together you’ll make up the ultimate health team!


Expertise & Guidance

Years of deep medical study and real-life experience make you an essential health guide. You know exactly which behaviors and pitfalls to avoid and how to help people manage them.


Support, Accountability, and Motivation

You along with other health and wellness providers give our members the professional guidance they need. While their friends and family provide additional support and motivation.


Continuous and Centralized Data

Shared wearable data and easy access to the patient’s health record make for faster feedback and clarity of focus. All while increasing accountability.


A Strong Foundation

Professional support, accountability and motivation from loved ones. And easy access to health data. These make up the foundation of our platform and will put your patients in the best position to reach their goals.

Here’s what other doctors are saying:

Here’s what other doctors are saying:

This platform has been perfect for my patients! I can help them do a much better job of navigating risk factors and easy access to all the data makes our visits much more efficient and fruitful.

Dr. Trina P


Built with doctors like you in mind.

We know you’d prefer to focus your time, attention and effort on caring for your patients. You also see your patients as individuals and prefer to tailor your evidence-based advice to their needs. With Modo Bio, you’ll engage in the practice of preventative health in the ways best suited for you and your patient to thrive.

Lifestyle data

Easy access to patient lifestyle factors including sleep, daily activity, recovery, and stress via their wearable device.

Centralized EHR

No more starting from scratch with each health visit. Our members have access to their health records—from your lab results to blood pressure readings—and can easily share them with you.

Your patient, powered by many

Our members create a team of health and wellness professionals like you to help them reach their goals. While their friends and family help them stay motivated.

A better path to good health.

On our platform, members have access to their health data and are empowered to create a health team to help realize their goals. The team can include doctors like you, personal trainers, nutritionists, and mental health providers. While their friends and family help them stay motivated. This means your patients will always have the expertise and support they need to reach their goals.

Questions? We have answers.

How much does this cost?

Monthly $9.99, Annual $97.99

Which wearable devices are compatible?

The Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Oura Ring are compatible with the App.

What about my privacy?

We believe that you should 100% own your health data and have structured this app with privacy and security as a top priority. For each person you bring on to your Team, you are presented with a list of categories of health data that you can share with them. You may want to share more with your Medical Doctor than your Personal Trainer and that is completely within your control. You can always change data sharing permissions, revoke permissions, and remove people from your Team. This gives you complete control over your health data and your Team.

Modo Bio was also built with industry best practices including data encryption in transit and at rest. This was put in place to protect your data. Modo Bio does not sell data to third parties.

Will this replace my native wearable device?

No, you should think of Modo Bio as complementary to your existing wearable app. Modo Bio is a more complete personal health record which includes your day-to-day lifestyle metrics that come from your wearable device.

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