On this episode of In Biolog, our guest is Dr. Justin Frick and we’re talking home healthcare. I’m your host Parker Condit, CEO of Modo Bio.

Justin is a doctor of physical therapy and works as the Regional Vice President for HealthPRO/Heritage at Home for the Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, NYC, and Connecticut markets.

This was a fun conversation because so much of it was driven by pure curiosity since Home Healthcare is a part of the healthcare industry that I have very little experience with. Justin does a great job of explaining what home healthcare is, where it fits into the care continuum, and the basic demographics of people who are receiving home health care.

He also goes through a few real-world examples to better outline the patient journey and have a better understanding of your rights as a patient.

We also talk about what the next 10 years looks like in the Home Health sector as well as the healthcare industry as a whole which includes a shift towards more proactive care, changing financial incentives, and how AI will fit into the industry.

I’m very thankful for Justin coming on the podcast and taking the time to share his knowledge with us, so without further ado, I hope you enjoy my conversation with Dr. Justin Frick.



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