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Here Are Some of the Benefits of Using Health Ring Trackers in Your Day-To-Day

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using Health Ring Trackers In Your Day-To-Day

It seems you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing someone wearing a health monitoring device of some kind from Apple Watch, Amazfit bip and Fitbit. Enter health rings into the equation.

Health rings have quickly become a major trend among fitness experts, athletes and CEOs with active lifestyles.

You may have even been considering one for yourself, but may be asking yourself a few key questions before purchase:

  •   Do health rings work?
  •   What are the benefits of health rings?
  •   Are they intrusive?
  •   Is a health ring right for me?

Do Health Rings actually work?

Health rings have many features and advantages that range from improving your sleep schedule, maintaining fitness and monitoring your overall health.

How does it do it?

With the sensors built into the ring, it monitors your pulse and skin temperature which gives valuable insight into your health. The Oura ring then generates scores for sleep, activity and readiness to give a glimpse into your health habits. This data is then separated based on activity and rest to be analyzed for any changes that need and can be made.

You don’t have to be a fitness guru, athlete or CEO to reap the benefits of a health ring,

Let’s go over the key reasons a health ring could be right for you:

Daily Activity Monitoring

The Oura ring can assist in daily activity monitoring by tracking activity levels, calories burned, steps and resting periods such as naps. The ring may not be ideal for awake activities due to the ring not being comfortable to wear during activities such as weightlifting and golfing. The Apple Watch is more suited for active data collection and when paired with the Oura ring will give an all-encompassing view of your daily health.

Activity data collected by Oura includes:

  •   Workouts logged
  •   Walking equivalence 
  •   Calories burned
  •   Inactivity
  •   Naps (resting periods)

Sleep Monitoring

Sleep data is calculated based on the time you’re in bed, the length of time spent in bed, movement of the arm the ring is on, respiration rate and body temperature. Oura also breaks down your sleep into stages: Awake, light, deep and REM. Using this data can help you recognize patterns in your sleep and make adjustments to have better, more quality sleep.

Oura ring prioritizes sleep data over data collected while awake, because it can be influenced by many unforeseen outside factors.

Sleep data collected by the Oura ring includes:

  •       Heart rate at rest
  •       Variability of heart rate (HRV)
  •       Body temperature and variations
  •       Stages of sleep (Awake, Light, Deep, REM)
  •       Time of sleep, length and quality
  •       Movement during sleep

Overall Health Monitoring

Tracking and evaluating heart rate and heart rate variability data gives the user insight on their overall health which enables them to make lifestyle changes that will improve their health. Data collected by Oura ring can also be shared with health professionals to be analyzed. This can help doctors identify potential health risks and form recommendations of actions the user can take for better overall health.

Privacy Concerns

For those customers that are worried about privacy concerns, the Oura ring is completely unintrusive. Which means that it is unlawful for them to share any health information to any entity or persons without your express consent.

Any health data gathered by the Oura ring is stored within the companion app and only shared to health providers or people that you choose. Oura ring does not have any alarms and will not bother you during the night. You can treat it as any other ring – wear it and forget it until you choose to check your health data.

Are Health Rings Right for me?

Regardless of what features your health ring offers, improving your health is about what you choose to do. The Oura health ring can’t exercise for you, go to sleep for you or make you choose the healthier option at dinner. Holding yourself accountable is the first step to success.

The Oura ring can give you motivation to stick to your fitness, sleep and health goals and gives you the data to help achieve them.

Sticking to your plan over an extended period, adjusting based on data provided by the Oura ring, sharing data with health professionals and leaning on friends and family will help make your health changes easier. Making well-informed, conscientious health decisions begins and ends with you. Wearable devices such as the Oura health ring are only meant to be an aide in reaching your health goals.

Modo Bio syncs with Oura Ring to help you improve your entire sleep regiment. Connect with providers on our platform to use the biodata from Oura Ring to learn how you can:

  • Improve sleep hygiene
  • Better maintain a consistent bedtime
  • Set a bedtime alarm
  • Better maintain a consistent wake time
  • Get more morning sunlight
  • Improve your daily exercise routine
  • Get more steps into your day
  • Create daily goals
  • Manage your sleep journal
  • Stick to your goals with strong social connections

Modo Bio connects you, your wearable device and a dedicated health team on one platform. Our providers help you use your data to accomplish your goals and your friends and family keep you motivated.

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