Welcome to the second episode of In Biolog. I’m your host Parker Condit, CEO of Modo Bio. Today, we’re excited to have Christina King, a licensed cognitive behavioral therapist and therapeutic coach, joining us to talk about mental health and its impact on our lives. Christina grew up in Philadelphia, but now lives in the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado where she operates her private practice.

In addition to her work as a therapeutic coach, she is the Founder of Aspen Strong, which is how we first met, runs leadership workshops, consults for businesses and individuals, and is a keynote speaker.

During our conversation, we’ll be exploring how our daily actions can lead to emotional gains or drains, the social determinants of mental health, and the role that technology can play in supporting our mental well-being.

Christina will be sharing her insights on self-care techniques that can help support mental health, as well as why prioritizing mental health is so crucial. We believe that this is an important conversation that needs to happen and we’re grateful to have Christina with us to shed light on this fascinating topic.

Whether you’re looking to take better care of your own mental health, or you want to learn how to support someone else, this episode is for you. So without further ado, let’s dive into our conversation with Christina King and explore the many ways we can prioritize mental health in our lives.

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