THE MODO BIO SYSTEMA Continuous Progress Loop in a Bubble

Focused Assessments

During your first assessments, you’ll complete an intensive health evaluation.

Your first clinical assessments include an intensive physical conditioning session and comprehensive fitness and health evaluation. We’ll collect over 100 critical data points to determine a personalized plan to achieve optimal health.

Driven by Data

Technology is deployed to monitor your health in real time.

Wearable bio data technology and advanced machine learning is integrated to monitor your day-to-day health patterns. With zero disruption or distraction to your lifestyle, you’ll have access to a continuously evolving system of better health.

Your Plan of Action

An individually tailored program is created for you based on your evaluations.

Your exclusive action plan includes fitness training, diet, customized nutritional supplementation, recommended lifestyle changes, and when necessary, appropriate medical intervention.

What Is Modo Bio? Take Charge of Your Health

The Modo Bio system of data driven wellness is a groundbreaking approach to health. Through our innovative program, the power of live data joins forces with modern medicine, fitness and nutrition to achieve your ultimate peak performance.

Continuous Progress Loop in a Bubble

Why Modo Bio?The Next Level of Healthy Living

Traditional healthcare tries to provide a “one size fits all” solution that overlooks your lifestyle and physical needs. Modo Bio sees you as a unique individual. Our dynamic health management system is customized to optimize your health in real time.

See what makes modo bio special


Based on your advanced assessments and health data, our system will formulate nutritional and hormonal supplements to fit your health regime.

Today’s nutritional supplements are designed to support the average person. Your unique nutritional requirements change depending on your day-to-day level of fitness, stress and food intake.

Rather than provide infusions, the Modo Bio system offers you non-invasive, all-natural supplements tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)Enhanced treatment for your wellbeing

Your biochemical makeup naturally evolves over time, causing mood swings, poor sleep, fatigue, joint pain and thermodysregulation. Our bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy supplementation is a low risk, easily explorable route to help regulate your well-being and have you feeling your best.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)Jump start healing with regenerative medicine

Stimulate your body’s ability to heal from within through an innovative alternative treatment to aggressive surgery. PRP triggers tissue regeneration and helps stop pain by using your very own biochemical signaling pathways. The simple in-office procedure compliments your Modo Bio fitness regime.

The Modo Bio Team

The licensed medical professionals and wellness experts at Modo Bio are committed to delivering a plan of action focused on your optimal health.

Photo of the Modo Bio Team
Photo of Dr. Adam Douglas, MD

Dr. Adam Douglas, MD
Medical Director

Dr. Adam Douglas graduated from the University of Scranton with a B.S. in Health Administration in 2009. He received his Post Bachelor Premedical Certification from LaSalle University in 2010, and then graduated from American University of the Caribbean as a Doctor of Medicine in 2015. Throughout his education, Dr. Douglas gained experience in the medical field through internships and volunteering opportunities. Dr. Douglas then completed his Residency Program at the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Centrastate Medical Center in 2019. For the past year, he has balanced concurrent roles as a Primary Care Physician, an Urgent Care Physician, and works in Electromyography/Nerve Conduction Testing. Dr. Douglas is certified with the American Board of Family Medicine, is licensed in Advanced Trauma and Life Support, has a medical license in both Arizona and New Jersey, is a certified Controlled Dangerous Substance Medical Provider, and is a certified Federal Drug Enforcement Agency Medical Provider.

Photo of Dr. Michael Kay, DPT

Dr. Michael Kay, DPT
Director of Performance

Dr. Michael Kay graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2006 with a B.S. in Kinesiology and was awarded a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Chapman University in 2010. Dr. Kay has 10 years of clinical experience working in both rehabilitation and sports performance. Dr. Kay is a state licensed physical therapist. He has worked with a multitude of different clients including professional athletes, amateur athletes, pediatrics and geriatrics. Dr. Kay has led multiple weekend presentations on training rationale for the rotational athlete. He has extensive post doctorate training in the following coursework: Postural Restoration Institute, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, and The Intensive I and VII.

Photo of Alyssa Douglas

Alyssa Douglas
Director of Nutritional Services

Alyssa Douglas graduated from the University of Scranton in 2009 with a B.S. in Accounting. She gained experience in marketing, sales and design over a seven-year history in the retail industry. She then entered the food and health industry as a marketing executive in 2017 and has performed this role over the past three years. Alyssa received her nutritionist certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2019. She is also currently enrolled in and expects to complete the Digestive & Hormonal Health certification course at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2020.

Photo of Parker Condit

Parker Condit
Lead Trainer

Parker Condit graduated from Daniel Webster College in 2011 with a B.S. in Aviation Management and a B.S. in Air Traffic Control Management. He then entered the fitness industry accumulating five years of experience as a Performance Director and Coach working with athletes from the MLB, NHL, LPGA, PGA and Olympics. Parker is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA Certified Sports Nutritionist, and NESTA Certified Kettle Bell Instructor. He has also completed the following courses: StrongFirst for Clinicians, Bill Hartman’s Intensive IV, Rethinking Big Patterns I and II, and Functional Movement Screen (FMS L1).

Photo of Gary O'Hanlon

Gary O’Hanlon
Director of Nutritional Supplementation

Gary O’Hanlon graduated from Tourism College of Ireland in 1997 with a certificate of higher education in Culinary Arts. He has over 25 years of experience as a culinary director and executive chef. Gary has received 28 awards recognizing his and his restaurants’ culinary excellence in the past 12 years.

Photo of Jack Williams

Jack Williams
Head of Technology

Jack Williams received a first-class honors degree in Electronic Engineering from Technological University Dublin, Ireland and a master’s degree in Control Systems from Imperial College in London, England. Before joining Modo Bio he has worked in artificial intelligence and applied machine learning in the fintech sector.

Photo of Dr. Zan Peeters

Dr. Zan Peeters
Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Dr. Zan Peeters graduated from Radboud University, Holland in 2002 with a B.S. and M.S. in Chemistry. He then received his PhD in Chemistry from Leiden University in 2007. Dr. Peeters has 15 years of experience working as a scientist in the fields of astronomy and chemistry. He worked for various academic institutions including NASA and learned computer programming, working with large and complex data sets through this experience. Peeters is proficient in numerous computer programming languages such as Python, MATLAB, C, JavaScript, and SQL.

What Modo Bio Clients Have To Say

  • John (45)

    I was a division 1 college athlete and always health conscious. Once I hit my 40s, I noticed my cycling performance was decreasing, and the typical nagging injuries seemed to never recover. With the help of Dr. Mike and Dr. Adam I’ve really turned back the clock. Dr. Mike changed around my workout program and helped me understand what I was doing in the gym was negatively affecting my performance. Dr. Adam changed a couple things in my diet and my inflammatory markers were back to normal. Incredibly helpful and great guys!

    Francesca (56)

    I have a hiatal hernia and I wanted to get off of proton pump inhibitors like Nexium because I was concerned about the side effects. The Modo Bio team helped me change my diet and transition to organic supplements to get off the medications. Then they started me on an exercise regime to build my core strength without damaging my hernia. They really helped me.

  • Brad (25)

    I have been a client of the team at Modo Bio for a year. I am a professional golfer and I found that the combination of using Dr. Mike to improve my flexibility and strength and Dr. Adam to change my diet to gain endurance has made a big difference for me. They found out that I was taking too much protein supplements and my liver was struggling so my focus would fall away in the last four holes. I can now stay stronger and focus longer in all conditions. I would recommend them to any athlete.

    Carol (49)

    I was really starting to get down on myself because of the symptoms I was experiencing. Fatigue, joint pain, low libido, and weakness to name a few. But the team at Modo Bio really brought me back to a great quality of living! It is the wholesome and individualized approach that you receive that makes all the difference. Now my hormones are balanced, my diet is specifically tailored for me, and my physical wellness is better than it has ever been!

  • Peter (62)

    I had a knee operation ten years ago and it was starting to feel like I needed another one with lots of stinging pain. Dr. Mike built up all the muscles around the knee and Dr. Adam changed my diet to reduce the inflammation in my body and I am back running again. First class people!


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