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We connect you, your wearable device, a dedicated health team and your friends and family on one platform.

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How Modo Bio works.

Our purpose is to help our members live healthy lives and make smarter decisions for themselves. This video explains how our platform works. [activecampaign form=1 css=1]

Better results for your clients, for free!

Improve outcomes with no cost to your practice. Help your patients take control of their health with actionable, relevant health data.

The perfect link between health data and health care.

A Dedicated Health Team

We connect you, your wearable device, a dedicated health team and your friends and family on one platform.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Invite your health providers who can review your health data in real time to help you reach your goals faster.

Shareable Data

We enable you to share your wearable data and personal health records with your health team. Work together and achieve your best health yet!

Connected Devices

freestyle libre


Empower your health and wellness providers to help you make the most of your health data and understand how best to achieve your goals.

You, powered by many.

You can invite your own doctor, therapist, dietitian, personal trainer or other wellness provider and we will get them enrolled for free. That way you keep your own health team and we help you connect better with them.

Uniting and sharing your health data.

Easy access to your wearable data including sleep, daily activity, recovery, and stress.

Your whole health history.

No more starting from scratch with each health visit. We make your health records—from your lab results to blood pressure readings—available for you and anyone you’d like to share them with.

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Here’s what our members are saying.

My parents are in their 70’s and I know how important it is for them to stay active. Instead of calling and asking if they’ve done their walking for the day, I can easily see their activity through the Modo Bio app. It’s allowed us to get back to a better place as a family because our relationship is more than me just checking in every day. I’m really grateful to have found this App for my family!

Sofia V

Miami, FL


Which wearable devices are compatible?

Devices from the following manufacturers are compatible:
Apple Watch, Coros, Dexcom, Fitbit, Freestyle Libre, Garmin, Omron, Oura Ring, Polar, Suunto, Withings

What about my privacy?

We believe that you should 100% own your health data and have structured this app with privacy and security as a top priority. For each person you bring on to your Team, you are presented with a list of categories of health data that you can share with them. You may want to share more with your Medical Doctor than your Personal Trainer and that is completely within your control. You can always change data sharing permissions, revoke permissions, and remove people from your Team. This gives you complete control over your health data and your Team.

Modo Bio was also built with industry best practices including data encryption in transit and at rest. This was put in place to protect your data. Modo Bio does not sell data to third parties.

Will this replace my native wearable device?

No, you should think of Modo Bio as complementary to your existing wearable app. Modo Bio is a more complete personal health record which includes your day-to-day lifestyle metrics that come from your wearable device.

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