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Good health is your greatest strength.

It’s time you take full control.

We connect you, your wearable data, a dedicated health team and the people you care for on one platform.

It's time you take full control of your health.


We connect you, your wearable data, a dedicated health team and the people you care for on one platform.

Modo Bio

The Perfect Link
Between Health Data
and Health Care

A Dedicated Health Team

Bring together your health and wellness providers along with your friends and family. Understand how to reach your goals and stay motivated!

Informed Telehealth

A network of health providers at your disposal who can review your health data in real time and help you make smart decisions.

Shareable Data

We enable you to share your wearable data and EHR’s with your health team. You can work together and achieve your best health yet!

How Modo Bio Works

Our purpose is to help our members live healthy lives and make smarter decisions for themselves. This video explains how our platform works.

Here's what our members are saying.

"The ability to bring people into my team is what I love most about Modo Bio. I was already working with a weight-loss trainer but having my wife and best friend also on my team, holding me accountable, made such a big difference. I feel more confident I'll be able to reach my goals with their support."

Kevin M, Winter Park, FL

“My parents are in their 70’s and I know how important it is for them to stay active. Instead of calling and asking if they’ve done their walking for the day, I can easily see their activity through the Modo Bio app. It’s allowed us to get back to a better place as a family because our relationship is more than me just checking in every day. I’m really grateful to have found this App for my family!”

Sofia V, Miami, FL

“It seems obvious now but having all my health providers together on my Team has made such a difference to my health and my peace of mind. I don’t know how to describe it other than saying I feel truly supported in my health goals for the first time.”

Desiree C, St. Petersburg, FL

Access, Connection, Reassurance

Access to vetted health and wellness providers who can help you make the most of your health data and understand how best to achieve your goals.

You, Powered By Many

Create a team of health and wellness providers of your choice along with your friends and family.

Uniting and Sharing Your Health Data

Easy access to your wearable data including sleep, daily activity, recovery, and stress.

Health History (EHR)

No more starting from scratch with each health visit. We make all of your health records – from lab results to prescriptions- available for you and anyone you’d like to share them with.

Common Questions

  • Monthly $9.99, Annual $97.99

  • Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Oura Ring are all compatible with our app.

  • We believe that you should 100% own your health data and have structured this app with privacy and security as a top priority. For each person you bring on to your Team, you are presented with a list of categories of health data that you can share with them. You may want to share more with your Medical Doctor than your Personal Trainer and that is completely within your control. You can always change data sharing permissions, revoke permissions, and remove people from your Team. This gives you complete control over your health data and your Team.

    Modo Bio was also built with industry best practices including data encryption in transit and at rest. This was put in place to protect your data. Modo Bio does not sell data to third parties.

  • You can book virtual visits with Medical Doctors, Registered Dietitians, Mental Health Providers and Personal Trainers. All telehealth providers are thoroughly vetted during our application and review process. These include a live video interview and verification of their state licenses for the applicable provider types.

  • No, the telehealth providers are cash pay. We strive to keep our provider rates accessible with the average cost of a telehealth call with a Medical Doctor being $55.

    Our telehealth bookings are 30 minutes long to ensure the providers have adequate time to review your health history, wearable device data, your health goals, and your reason for the visit. Following a telehealth call you will be furnished with notes from that call which will be saved on your app for future reference.

  • No, think of Modo Bio as an accessory app, not an alternative. While most native apps are focused on the short-term day-to-day data, we are more focused on the long-term trends. Giving providers access to your wearable data along with your health history offers them better information about your current health status so they can make better decisions about your future.

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